Cheap Big Drills

I recently purchased a set of “S&D Drills, 9/16″ to 1″ by 16ths” (8 drills) for only $30 from Victory Machinery in Brooklyn NY.    I live in NY so I had to pay NY sale tax and shipping.  The shipping charge was very reasonable.  

8 drills for $30 is a good deal. item number SD-08

While woodturning I have found that I often need to drill holes over 1/2″ in diameter.  Good US made drills over 1/2″ cost big bucks. 

This cheap set of imported drills is good enough for drilling in wood and soft metals like aluminum.

The drills have straight shanks reduced to 1/2″ so they fit into common 1/2″ drill chucks.

Like it says on Victor’s web site.  The drills DO NOT come in a case like the picture.   The bits come loose.  I would just throw the case away so no big deal.

I have found that twist drills work better than spade bits when drilling on the lathe.   They don’t easily wonder off center.

For drill sizes I use often, like 5/8″.  I like “Taper Shank” drills that I can mount directly in my lathes #2 morse taper tailstock with out a drill chuck.   I got this set of 1/2″ shank drills to fill in the less common sizes I don’t already have in taper shanks. 

Victor Machinery also stocks a good selection of  imported “Taper Shank” drills at good prices.

P.S. You can never have to many drill chucks.   Victor has a great deal on a 1/2″ CVA drill chuck for $16, item #CVB5/8-16  I have 2 of these. I am very happy with the quality.

Don’t forget to buy a matching arbor for Drill Chuck.   5/8-16 threads with #1, #2, or #3 Morse Tapper that matches your lathe.   Beware the 5/8-16 thread is very rare.   So get the matching one from Victor.   If you run your lathe in reverse then think about epoxying the chuck onto the arbor to keep it from unscrewing.  


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