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Projects at Woodturning Magazine

I recently discovered that the Woodturning Magazine from the UK has some nice projects on the web.  Some of the projects are to simple or clumsy for me, but others are very nice.

Three Spindle Tazza from Woodturning Magazine
Three Spindle Tazza from Woodturning Magazine

I really like the “Print This Page” link at the bottom of each project page.  It allows me to print out all of the photos with captions.   This allows me to take the print outs down to my studio and give them a try.

Under the “Projects” pulldown menu on main page there are  good sub categories for faceplate work, hollow forms, etc.

Note: I don’t like the way their web page links use a database number like “page.asp?p=1943” rather than a page name.   When they change things around the links in this post will probably stop working.  Ugg!

Turning Bottle Stoppers

Turning Bottle Stoppers is a great way to improve your turning skills. It is also a great way to use up little scraps of wood or experiment with exotic woods.

I turn bottle stoppers so I have some low end items to sell. I want to draw people in to look at my higher priced items.

Click Here to view the quick and easy process I use to turn Bottle Stoppers.