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Drill Press Vise

Photo: Groz UG100-3 Drill Press Vise Groz UG100-3 Drill Press Vise

Long ago I got this drill press vise that I really like. It is a Groz UGL100-3 made in India.

My friends and students also really like this vise when they use it. They want to get one. But, until recently I had to tell them they were out of luck. I could not find anyone still selling it.

That changed recently when I found a very similar one on Zoro ( made by Dayton #4CPG1.

I used this vise mostly for drilling metal things. But, I also use it for plastic pipe (often) and wooden things (not very often).

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Two Quick “Oneway” Improvements

Here are two quick improvements to “Oneway” tools

Longer Chuck Wrench Handle

For me, the bar on the Oneway Chuck handles is to short.   It slips out of my hand, hurts my hand or I can’t get enough leverage.

I have replaced the bar in my chuck handles with a 7-3/4″ long Hardened Steel Shaft. Part # 6112K44 = “Hardened Precision Metric Steel Shaft 8 mm Diameter, 200 mm Length”.  $6 on 2/1/2013.
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