New Power Carving Burs 2021

Meta Description: Carl discovers and reviews Manpa Concave Eye Cutters, Manpa Mini Triangle & Round Cutters, Rotary Chisels, and Maillefer Concave Cutter Burrs.

In the last year I have been playing around with some new power carving burs. Well, maybe the big 3 wing ones are not really burs. I saw and learned about most of them on Instagram.

Friends and students who have visited my studio really like them. They asked me to write about them.

I like all of them. But, I don’t like the price! They are definitely not cheap!
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Handy Rod for Oneway Live Center

Meta Description: Quick Tip: Carl installs or remove cones on his Oneway Live Center with a HANDY rod attached to his lathe tailstock.

Here is a quick tip. You need a rod to install or remove cones on a Oneway Live center. I like to keep the rod handy by attaching it to the tailstock on my lathe with a piece of nice flexible stranded wire.
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RG45 Gas Welding Rod

Meta Description: Quick Tip: Carl keeps a good supply of RG45 Gas Welding Rod on hand. He uses it to hang things up and lots of other things.

Anyone who has ever been to my studio knows that I love to hang things up with RG45 Gas Welding Rod. I keep a good supply of it on hand and use it for all kinds of things.
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Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Meta Description: Carl recommends paint brushes and acrylic paint for painting on the wood lathe with the lathe running.

Photo: Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint (blick_brush_paint_order)

Click here for a printable PDF of the above or click here to order from the PUBLIC wish list at

I just want my lout Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

My students asked me to recommend some paint brushes. Like the ones I use in my studio for acrylic painting with the lathe running. Brushes that are not kids junk. Reasonably good quality, not to expensive. Continue reading Paint Brushes & Acrylic Paint

Oneway Jaw Jigs

Meta Description: Carl's Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Photo: Oneway Jaw Jigs (oneway_saw_jigs_00)

Carl’s Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Over the years I have seen and used a lot of different jigs for Tenon Size and Hole Size needed to match #2 or #3 profiled jaws on a Oneway Stronghold chuck. Here is what I am currently using. Two very simple and easy to make jigs.

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Good Cheap Masking Tape

Meta Description: Carl recommends Blick brand masking tape from Dick Blick on the web. It is a bit on the thin side but it works good and the price is reasonable.

I use a lot of masking tape in my studio. I use it to masking off things when painting. I also use it to protect delicate edges on hollow from rims, etc when sanding.

It is hard to find good masking tape locally at a reasonable price. I started using Blick brand masking tape from Dick Blick on the web ( last year.

I like it. The price is reasonable. Yea, it is a bit thin and feels cheap. But, it works good. The glue is good. I often leave it on pieces for days or even weeks and have not run into any problems removing it. I find myself using this tape more and more often rather than purple or blue masking tape.
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