Welcome to my Blog

Hello, my name is Carl Ford and this is my Woodturning Blog.

I also have a web site at www.carlford.us or www.carlford.info

My woodturing stated back in 2002 as a hobby. It has now become an obsession.

I plan on becoming a full time studio woodturner after I retire from IBM. Until then I am a studio woodturner on weekends and weeknights.

I am very interested in doing woodturning demonstations and teaching classes.

My current obsession is Milk Paint. I also love to turn natural edge bowls, small vases and jazzing up my turnings with lots of color.

For more information visit my Contact Page and Resume page.

Carl Ford’s New Woodturning Blog

January 22, 2013

I decided to start my own new woodturning blog.   Why?

  • – Because my Wednesday Night Woodturning group says I have good ideas that I should share with others.
  • – Because I often find new tools, etc that work well for me and that I would like to share with others.
  • – Because I am often to lazy to write up all my little ideas for Club Newsletters and Magazines.  I just want to jot down a few sentences.

This blog will cover the following:

  • – New Tools.   Mostly woodturning tools.
  • – Ideas for new woodturning projects.   Mostly what we are doing on Wednesday Nights.
  • – Announcements for any classes I teach.
  • – Announcements for any demos I do.
  • – Announcement  for any new handouts I add to my web site.

This blog will NOT allow the following:

  • – Any chit chat in any way shape or form.
  • – Political or religious stuff.
  • – Any negative comments.   All comments will be held and moderated by me.
    It’s my Blog if I don’t like what you have to say then it goes in the bit bucket.   Go start your own Blog if you want to say negative things!
  • – Positive comments will be allowed only if they are non trivial.
  • – No spam!   I have all the spam filtering stuff turned on.

Frequency of Blog Posts:

  • – I plan on posting to this blog roughly once a week.  Probably on Fridays.
  • – You can safely subscribe to this blog.  I will not fill up your email with a lot of crap.