Carl’s Website & Blog Merged

Merge of Carl Ford's old Website and Blog

On 9/15/2020, I merged my Woodturning Website and Blog onto the same WordPress Blog platform.

  • If you go to it now takes you to the new Home page for my Website on my blog.
  • If you go to it takes you to my most recent blog posts like it has been doing for the last 7 years.
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Meta Description: Carl merged his Woodturning Website and Blog on On 9/15/2020. They now use the same Wordpress Blog platform hosted by GoDaddy.

Pistol Style Airbrush

Pistol Gun Style Airbrush. Some people have a lot of trouble with the trigger on top style of air brush. This pistol gun style trigger airbrush is more money than the $20 Harbor Freight airbrush that I like. But is a better choice for someo people.
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Meta Description: Carl recommends a Pistol Style Airbrush for people who have trouble with a trigger on top style airbrush.

Wall Art – Summer 2020

Here are some of the Nick Agar style square wall hangings that I made this summer (Summer of 2020). I also made some plates. I am using the techniques I learned in a class with Nick at Arrowmont last year. Nick’s technique. My designs!
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Meta Description: Photos of Nick Agar style Square Wall Art made by Carl during the summer of 2020. Square woodturnings with, spiral tool and airbrushed decorations.

Revolutionary New 110 Volt Lathes

Laguna Revo 15/24 Lathe and Powermatic 2014 Lathe

It seems like, there is a new lathe on the market every time you pick up a new issue of a woodturning magazine. Most of them are of little or no interest to me. However, recently two new lathes have come out that really get my attention. I think they are going to become very popular. I think the new Powermatic 2014 is really going to revolutionize the under $2000 market.

The new lathes are in the $2000 price range. A very popular price range.
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Meta Description: Carl is really interested in 2 new 110 volt lathes. Carl's thoughts on the new Laguna Revo 15/24 Lathe and Powermatic 2014 Lathe

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