Klingspor Sandpaper Rolls

I am now using sandpaper rolls from Klingspor for all of my hand sanding. Rather than “Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper”. I still like the Stikit paper but it is to hard to get.

• I like “Klingspor Abrasives 4.5″x 10 Meter (33′) Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Paperbacked Roll, xxx Grit, Stearated Aluminum Oxide”. Item # AR330xx. AR33008 for 80 grit, etc. Around $18 per roll on 12/2019.

I purchased several different rolls of stuff from Klingspor. I decided I liked the above the best. It is very similar to the “Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper” that use to be my favorite.

“Klingspor Abrasives Stearated Silicon Carbide, 4-1/2″x 10 Meter (33′) PSA Roll, 180 Grit, Porter Cable Stickit” is ok. Item #AR136xx. It is cheaper at $14 per roll. But, I don’t like it as much. The paper seems to be a little stiffer.

• I have 80, 120, 180, and 220 grits.

I get it from “Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop”.

I generally do not sand beyond 220 grit. If I do sand beyond 220 then I use 6″ Abralon pads by Mirka.

For more info see my “Great Polyurethane Finishes” handout at http://www.carlford.info/pages/demos_classes/great_poly_finish/Great_Poly_Finish.pdf

• I like to cut up the sandpaper into small sheets in advance and store it in “Large Binder Clips” (aka large paper clips). For more info see “Spindle Turning Sandpaper” section in my “Handy Sandpaper” blog entry.

1. I use to use “Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper”. My old “Stikit Sandpaper” blog entry is now obsolete. It is replaced by this new blog entry.
2. I use Blue Flex disks for all of my power sanding.  See my Blue Flex Sanding Disks blog entry.
3. I have eliminated 150 grit from my sanding. I decided it is to close to 120 grit. Just a waste of time. I sand 80, 120, 180, then 220.

8” Buffing Wheel, 4” Bowl Buff, and 8” Long Buffing Adapter

In the handout for my “Great Polyurethane Finishes Demo” (http://carlford.info/blog/2013/01/great-polyurethane-finishes-demo/) I talk about getting a “8” Buffing Wheel, 4” Bowl Buff, and 8” Long Buffing Adapter” from Don Pencil.

Don Pencil is no longer in business. Thus I now suggest you get the following from Packard Woodworks (www.packardwoodworks.com)

– 1-1/4″ x 8 Lathe Buffing Extender #120952
– 8″ Wax Beall Replacement Wheel #123940W
– 4″ Wax Beall Bowl Buff #123934W

Note: I attach the Buffing Wheels to Long Buffing Adapter with a local hardware store 3/8” bolt and fender washers.

I don’t use any wax on my buffing wheels! Thus I just get the Beall wheel. NOT the complete system! See “Great Polyurethane Finishes Demo” (http://carlford.info/blog/2013/01/great-polyurethane-finishes-demo/) for more info.

Or you can get the 8″ Wheel from Mcmaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com). Two of “Buffing Wheel for Curved Surfaces, 8″ Diameter x 1/2″ Thick, 1/2″ Arbor Hole” #4820A12.