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Sanding Wheel Brush

Meta Description: Carl recommends “Sanding Wheel Brushes” from McMaster-Carr. They are a good alternative to the “3M Radial Bristle Discs”. Cheaper & last longer.

Photo: Sanding Wheel Brush 1

I have found that the “Sanding Wheel Brushes” from McMaster-Carr are a good alternative to the “3M Radial Bristle Discs” that I talk about in my “Power Carving Textures” blog entry.
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Power Carving Textures

Meta Description: Carl's take on carving textures with Reciprocating and Rotary Power Carving Tools. Recommended Burrs, Gouges, Layout, Cleaning up with Bristle Discs, etc.
Photo: Power Carving Textures 1

Here is some information I put together for a Power Carving Textures demo that I am doing at my local club.

I learned most of the stuff presented here in various wood turning symposiums and classes. Mostly from Al Stirt.

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