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New Ring Tool

Meta Description: Photos of Cedar Vases made by Carl with his new Sorby Ring Tool. Turned out of green Cedar logs. What you see is what came off the tool. NO sanding.

Photo: New Ring Tool 1

Here are some Cedar Vases I made with my new Sorby Ring Tool. The vases are roughly 6″ diameter by 5″ to 6-1/2″ tall. I turned these out of green Cedar logs. What you see is what came off the tool. NO sanding, 1 coat of poly when they were still wet, no finial finish yet.

Note: I cut the inside with Ring Tool.  I cut the outside with 1/2″ Bowl Gouge.
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Essential Books & DVDs for Students

Meta Description: Carl's recommended and Must Have Woodturning Books and DVDs. By topic: Spindle Turning, Bowl Turning, Project Books, Picture Books, Hollow Forms, etc.

Essential Books

Updated: 11/16/2021. This is still the list of book and DVDs that I recommend. Added “YouTube, Vimeo, Etc” section to the end.

Updated: 5/24/2018. Add “Project Books” section and Jordan “The Aesthetics & Properties of Wood” DVD.

Here are the books and DVDs I recommend to students when I teach a class.

You may be able to get these books from your local library, otherwise purchase from  Packard Woodworks Inc or  Craft Supplies USA or Amazon. I often save money by purchasing used books via Amazon.

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Hosaluk Woodturning DVD

Meta Description: Carl recommends "The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning DVD" by Michael Hosaluk. It covers lots of good stuff. The $60 price is releasable for 2 very long DVDs.

I just finished watching a Michael Hosaluk DVD I really liked.

“The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning” by Michael Hosaluk.

The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning DVDAt $60 the 2 DVD set is not cheap.  But, I think it is reasonable because it is a 2 DVD set.  Each DVD is 3.5 hours.   Twice as long as most DVDs.  So it is more like 4 DVDs for $15 each.   Available from Michael  or Packard (packardwoodworks.com).

1st DVD

The first DVD shows how to make (turn, band saw, carve, wood burn, paint, etc)  well known Hosaluk projects from his demos and classes.  A spin top,  a base ball, offset turning, strange fruit, tea pot,  footed bowl, and candle sticks.

There is lots of good detail.  At the end you feel like you can make each of these projects, no problem.

The chapter on offset turning is one of the best I have seen.  Michael and the overhead camera angle, make it look so easy and predictable.

The chapters on tea pot and candlesticks were very interesting.  I have often struggled with how to band saw strange shapes safely and how to drill perpendicular holes in round shapes.  Michael showed some great, easy and cheap tips that are definitely being added to my arsenal.

I didn’t think, Michael could teach me anything about bowls.  I was wrong!  He showed how to easily cut feet into the bottom of a bowl with a Japanese saw.

2nd DVD

The second DVD is covers making a sea form box, good form, surface enhancement, design ideas, painting, tools and photo gallery.

The Sea Form Box chapter is very interesting with lots of good tips.  Good and simple demo of how to use a hook tool.  Lots of band saw and glue up tips.

I of course loved the chapter on Painting because I love lots of color. All of my acrylic painted stuff uses the techniques I learned in a class with Michael.

The images in Photo Gallery were stunning.  There are lots of other examples of Michael’s work scatter thru out the DVDs.  With a good discussion of them in Surface Enhancement and Design Ideas chapters.


In the DVDs Michael explains how to use his double beveled detail gouge, roughing gouge, and a hook tool.    He also uses a spindle gouge and skew in a few places.

The pace of the DVDs is good.  Not to fast and not to slow.   Michael “gets to the point” but there is no need to rush when each DVD is 3.5 hours.   The shooting angles in the DVDs are very good.  Good overhead shots show how Michael is using the tools.  Cutting angles, etc.

There is a preview of the DVDs on Youtube at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB9oaDMyjB4

Craft in America on Create TV

Meta Description: Carl recommends "Craft in America" TV show. He really like the forge and potters episodes. Often things done by clay potters are easy to translate into Woodturning
I have been watching  “Craft In America” TV series on PBS.

Photo: Craft in America on Create TV 1
I really liked the “Forge” episode.   The Silversmith and Metal Sculpture were interesting.


I also liked the Potters on the “Crossroads” episode.


Often things done by potters are easy to translate into Woodturning.

Currently they are rerunning the Craft in America series on WLIW21 Create TV channel in New York area.


I often find something of value in each episode.  But, no episode is a complete winner.