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Narrow & Parting Tools in General

Ashley Iles 4.5mm 3/16

I would like to point out there are better alternatives to the standard narrow woodturning parting tools generally available in the US.

The “4.5mm 3/16″ Fluted Parting Tool” made by “Ashley Iles” in the UK is the best narrow parting tool in my not so humble opinion. It is fluted. Thus it has two sharp points on the front that slice the wood a lot cleaner than the blunt point on the standard narrow partings tools available in the US.
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Crown Verses Sorby Spiraling & Texturing Tool

“Crown Spiraling and Texturing Tool”http://www.crownhandtools.ltd.uk/page121.html verses “Sorby Spiraling and Texturing Tool” https://www.robert-sorby.co.uk/b320-spiralling-tool

The Sorby “Spiraling and Texturing Tool (System)” has been around for along time. Last year I discovered that Crown also makes a “Spiraling and Texturing Tool (System)”.

Note: On line dictionaries seem to think that spelling “spiraling” or “spiralling” is ok. One or two L’s is ok.

I also discovered the Crown tool is like 10 times better than the Sorby tool!

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Lathe Accessories for a New Turner

Chick here for printable PDF

Here is some advice I wrote for a new turner who has just purchased a Powermatic 3520C lathe. He was looking for advice on chucks, faceplates and a drill chuck. A threw in a little extra stuff.

Join the American Association of Turners (AAW)

You should join the AAW for there Journal magazine ASAP. The great mag easily pays for membership. It has lots of GOOD stuff for beginners and experience people. Go here:  https://www.woodturner.org/page/MemberBenefits

You should also check out the AAW’s Woodturning Fundamental magazine and other stuff for new people. Go here:  https://www.woodturner.org/page/FUNdamentals
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New Ring Tool

Here are some Cedar Vases I made with my new Sorby Ring Tool. The vases are roughly 6″ diameter by 5″ to 6-1/2″ tall. I turned these out of green Cedar logs. What you see is what came off the tool. NO sanding, 1 coat of poly when they were still wet, no finial finish yet.

Note: I cut the inside with Ring Tool.  I cut the outside with 1/2″ Bowl Gouge.
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Travel Tool Set

Updated: 12/31/2019: I now use a red tool tray rather than a Tool Roll. See new section at the end of this blog entry.

I recently created a new Travel Tool Set that I can EASILY take to demos, club meetings and symposiums. I have been using it full time in my studio recently to test it out. I am real happy with it. See photo below.

The heart of the system is a new 5/8″ Quick Release Tool Handle from Jimmy Clewes. It works really good. I saw Jimmy use it on the 2018 Norway Woodturning Cruise. I was real impressed with the Quick Release mechanism that Jimmy has come up with. Just a simple 1/4 turn of the handle with your hand (no tools) locks a tool in place or releases it. You can change tools real fast. So, swapping tools does not interfere with the flow of a demo.
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