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Pistol Style Airbrush

Meta Description: Carl recommends a Pistol Style Airbrush for people who have trouble with a trigger on top style airbrush.

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 1

Pistol Gun Style Airbrush. Some people have a lot of trouble with the trigger on top style of air brush. This pistol gun style trigger airbrush is more money than the $20 Harbor Freight airbrush that I like. But is a better choice for someo people.
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Viking Sunset Bowl

Meta Description: Photos of Nick Agar style Viking Sunset Bowl made by Carl. Quick intro to airbrushes and cheap airbrush advice.

Photo: Viking Sunset Bowl 1
Here is a Nick Agar style Viking Sunset Bowl that I just finished. 8″ diameter by 2″ tall. I really enjoyed making this piece. My students are also having a good time making these in my “Woodturning Workshop” studio classes.
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