Gouge Sharpening Templates

I like to create sharpening templates for my woodturing gouges. The templates allow me to quickly and easily set up my grinder. I get a consistent grind every time.

Click here for PDF file of Tool Sharpening Templates.

How To Use

Here is how you use the templates.

Start by setting up the distance from grinding wheel to “V” arm.

Next set up the angle on the Wolverine Varigrind jig. Using the notches on the Varigrind Grinding jig can be confusing. They are not numbered. Which side of the notch? I avoid this confusion by just matching up the jig with the picture on my template.

The last thing you need to known is how far the Tip of the gouge needs to extend beyond the end of Varigrind jig.

Meta Description: Link to Carl's PDF handout for his "Sharpening Templates". For Ellsworth, Stirt, Jordan, and Hosaluk gouge grinds. Use with Wolverine and Ellsworth jigs.