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Carl’s Grinder Stand

Meta Description: Carl likes having the center of his grinder wheel 46" off the floor on a stand that he can easily move around his studio.

Note: This is actually part of an old blog entry that I split out of my January 13th, 2013 “Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder” blog append while fixing up the photos on my blog.

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 1
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 2

I mounted my new grinder on a new grinder stand.  It’s my 2nd generation stand.  My 1st generation stand was good. This one is even better.   A friend was over last week and, he really liked the height of my grinder.  Center of grinder wheel is 46″ off the floor.
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Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup

Meta Description: Carl recommends the Wolverine Grinder Jig. It is the de facto standard! Here is how Carl recommends setting up your Wolverine.

Photo: Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup 1If want to sharpen your tools at home, the same way you learned in a class, then you need to have the same grinder setup at home.

If you want to match the setup in my Studio, then here is what I recommend.

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CBN Grinder Wheels

Meta Description: Carl recommends CBN wheels for newbies. They really simplify things because the size of the wheel never changes. What grit? Get a wide wheel?

CBN Wheels

I went over to the dark side a couple of years ago when the price of good CBN grinding wheels dropped down near $100.

I recently decided I should start recommending the purchase of CBN wheels for newbies. You never need to “dress” a CBN grinding wheel thus the size of the wheel never changes. This really simplifies things for newbies. Once they get their grinder and sharpening jigs set up they never need to adjust things.
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Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder

Meta Description: Carl recommends a "Best Buy" industrial quality bench grinder. A Dayton 2LKR9. Why this grinder? Must be 8", Make your own grinder stand. Tool rests & grinding wheels.

Photo: Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder 1
I love my new bench grinder!   I purchased it in Sept of 2012.

I had to replace a 10 year old Delta 8″ bench grinder that was giving me trouble.

Updated 7/2/2020. After 8 years of frequent use the “stationary switch” inside of my Dayton 2LKR9 grinder wore out. i.e. the switch that cuts out the motor start capacitor after the motor comes up to speed. (Not the main on/off switch). It is the thing that goes “click” after the grinder starts up.

I am happy to report that replacing the switch turned out to be a pleasant experience. Yea, I would have liked to avoid it. But, working on something that was designed to be taken apart and repaired was a real joy.

A new “stationary switch” cost me $41 with shipping on 6/2020. For more info see “Stationary Switch Replacement” below.

After taking the grinder and motor all apart, I known there is no cheap plastic crap inside of this grinder. The bearings, etc are really good quality.

I really wish I did not “smoke” the grinder. I knew there was something wrong with grinder for a few weeks. It did not sound right when it started up. The familiar click was gone or muted. But, I was busy turning! I did not open up the grinder until after I saw smoke. I got away with it. Just melted some coil bindings rather than the actual copper coils. However, I probably shortened the life of the grinder. I feel like an idiot because replacing the failing switch was an easy job.

Note: The main on/off switch failed several years ago. I easily replaced it with one from my local hardware store.

Updated 3/18/2020. I still love this grinder. It is still available from Zoro # G1762144. The price has gone up to $318. I still think that is a great price.

The newer versions of Dayton 2LKR9 grinder are light gray. Rather than dark gray. I changed the photo below to the new color.

If you want a slow speed grinder then I would go with a $125 Rikon 80-805, 1/2 HP, 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder from Amazon. Or a $245 Rikon 80-809, 1 HP, 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder from Amazon. But you don’t really need 1 HP.

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