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Label Your Tools

Meta Description: Quick Tip: Add labels to the ferrules of your woodturning tools with the name of tool, and sharpening info. For example "Ellsworth - 2".

Photo: Label Your Tools 1

No Color Code

When someone saw the above photo they asked me. Do you have a “color code” for the bands on your tools.   I often get this question.

No I don’t. Long ago I started off in that direction. But, I just did not have the necessary discipline. I quickly ran out of colors (different shades of the same color are not good enough) and things get fouled up when you reuse a handle that was on a scraper for a new gouge. Etc.

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Turning Tools Bag

Meta Description: Carl recommends "Pie Iron" storage bag for turning tools. They are the right size for transporting turning tools to club meetings, etc.
Photo: Turning Tools Bag 1
I came across this “Pie Iron” storage bag the other day at Dick’s Sporting Good on sale for $10.    It is made by Rome.  Item #1998.  $20 on Amazon.

I have no idea what a “Pie Iron” is but the price was right.   It is just the right size for carrying my turning tools to club meetings, etc.
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Gouge Sharpening Templates

Meta Description: Link to Carl's PDF handout for his "Sharpening Templates". For Ellsworth, Stirt, Jordan, and Hosaluk gouge grinds. Use with Wolverine and Ellsworth jigs.
Photo: Gouge Sharpening Templates 1
I like to create sharpening templates for my woodturing gouges. The templates allow me to quickly and easily set up my grinder. I get a consistent grind every time.

Click here for PDF file of Tool Sharpening Templates.
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