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Munro Carbide Cutter

Meta Description: Carl's recommends using low cost carbide cutters from "Az Carbide". Carbide cutters are a great investment because they speed up your learning process.

Photo: $12 Carbide Cutter for Munro Hollower II $12 Carbide Cutter for Munro Hollower II

A replacement Carbide Cutter for the Munro Hollower II is $20+ from numerous commercial retailers.

The "12mm Round Shear Insert Fits 4 Tool RD12S" from Az Carbide is the same product for only $12.

I have several of them from Az Carbide and they work fine! Continue reading Munro Carbide Cutter

Drill Press Vise

Meta Description: Carl recommends a drill press vice (Dayton 31LZ65) he likes. Plus a trick that allows quick and easy vice install or removal.

Photo: Groz UG100-3 Drill Press Vise Groz UG100-3 Drill Press Vise

Long ago I got this drill press vise that I really like. It is a Groz UGL100-3 made in India.

My friends and students also really like this vise when they use it. They want to get one. But, until recently I had to tell them they were out of luck. I could not find anyone still selling it.

That changed recently when I found a very similar one on Zoro (www.zoro.com) made by Dayton #4CPG1.

I used this vise mostly for drilling metal things. But, I also use it for plastic pipe (often) and wooden things (not very often).

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So you want to buy a lathe? A real lathe?

Meta Description: Carl's unbiased comparison, review and recommendation of Woodturning Lathes for people who are interested in purchasing a real lathe. Powermatic, Oneway, Vicmarc, Robust, Laguna, Jet, and Nova lathes. 110 vs 220 volts. Lathes that Carl does not recommend.

Updated: 9/10/2020. I have a lot of trouble updating this blog entry. It is to big. WordPress often crashes when I try to do anything in this post. My php buffer size is not big enough. I am waiting for GoDaddy to upgrade my web sever.

In general everything in this bog post is still valid. However, some good new 110 volt lathe options have become available. See my Revolutionary New 110 Volt Lathes blog post.

Updated: 7/8/2017. Change bars in Purple on left. Add new “Parts of a Lathe” section with link to AAW video.

Updated: 2/5/2017. Change bars in Blue on left.  Summary of updates:

1. The new version of the 10″ Penn State Mini Lathe is still my favorite Mini Lathe.

2. I do not like the new Jet lathes. Add them to the list of “Lathes I DO NOT Recommend”.

3. The new 110 volt version of Laguna Revo 18/36 lathe has won me over. Move it to my list of “Recommended 110 Volt Lathes”.

4. The 220 volt version of the Laguna Revo 18/36 is now my low cost “Recommended 220 Volt Lathe”.  It replaces the 220 volt Jet 1642 EVS that is now longer available.

5. The US economy has been stuck in neutral. Thus, lathe prices have not increased by much, if any, in the last 2 years.

Updated: 8/9/2015.  Change bars in Green on left. Add Laguna lathes to not recommended list.  They are close but no cigar.

First published on 7/31/2015.

What lathe should a newbie purchase?

Here is a long winded answer I gave to a student who had a Shopsmith and decided it was time to buy a real lathe.

For the record.  I personally own  a VB36, a Powermatic 3520B,  two Oneway 2436s, and a Penn State TCLPROVS lathe.   At various schools and clubs I have turned on Stubby, Vicmarc, General, Delta, Rockwell, Jet, Grizzly, Vega and old metal cabinet lathes.

pm_3520bIn a Nutshell

Hands down the best lathe out there in my not so humble opinion is the Powermatic 3520B with a Oneway Banjo.

The list price is still $3999 on 2/5/2017. It was the same price back on 7/26/2015.

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Best Drive Center

Meta Description: The “Nova Jumbo Spur Center” use to be the best 2 or 4 prong drive center in Carl's not so humble opinion. However, he now likes the “Oneway Big Bite Spur” better.

Photo: Best Drive Center 1
Updated: 5/8/2020: I just discovered that this center is now be manufactured by Nova. It is called the “Nova Jumbo Spur Center”. You can get it from www.packardwoodworks.com it is $90 on 5/8/2020. However, I now like the “Oneway Big Bite Spur” center better than this center. See my Oneway Big Bite Spur Center blog entry.
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Gouge Sharpening Templates

Meta Description: Link to Carl's PDF handout for his "Sharpening Templates". For Ellsworth, Stirt, Jordan, and Hosaluk gouge grinds. Use with Wolverine and Ellsworth jigs.
Photo: Gouge Sharpening Templates 1
I like to create sharpening templates for my woodturing gouges. The templates allow me to quickly and easily set up my grinder. I get a consistent grind every time.

Click here for PDF file of Tool Sharpening Templates.
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