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CBN Grinder Wheels

Meta Description: Carl recommends CBN wheels for newbies. They really simplify things because the size of the wheel never changes. What grit? Get a wide wheel?

CBN Wheels

I went over to the dark side a couple of years ago when the price of good CBN grinding wheels dropped down near $100.

I recently decided I should start recommending the purchase of CBN wheels for newbies. You never need to “dress” a CBN grinding wheel thus the size of the wheel never changes. This really simplifies things for newbies. Once they get their grinder and sharpening jigs set up they never need to adjust things.
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Floor Mats

Meta Description: Carl recommends “Rubber-Cal Dura-Chef" floor mats. Good tough Anti-Fatigue mats that stay put. Not to soft or hard. Affordable with Amazon Prime free shipping.

Photo: Floor Mats 1

I have a concrete floor in my studio.  I also have flat feet, thus I need really good floor mats in my studio.  Over the years I have tried lots of different options for floor mats.

I tried the cheap ones from Home Depot, etc. When they were not soft enough, I tried stacking up the cheap ones, etc.  I even let someone at a AAW symposium talk me into a really expensive $200 mat. A sucker is born every minute! I hate that mat with a passion!  It will not stay put!  It is always sliding out of position!  Err!!!

A few years ago I decided to change all of my mats to the expensive kitchen mats with holes from Rubber-Cal.  If they are good enough for chiefs who stand on them all day in the kitchen then they are good enough for me.

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Face Shields

Meta Description: Carl reviews face shields. Face shields are HIGHLY PERSONAL. Therefore you should try before you buy. What are your options? Powered vs non powered. Etc.
Photo: Face Shields 1

People are always asking me about face shields.

In A Nut Shell

I have found that face shields are HIGHLY PERSONAL. What one person likes, others will hate!

Therefore you should try before you buy. Try at a class, school, club or a friends house.

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Foam Cole Jaws

Meta Description: Link to Carl's "Foam Cole Jaws" AAW magazine "tips section" PDF. Sticky-back craft foam on my Jumbo Jaws helps protect a bowl’s rim when reverse-chucked to finish the bottom.

Here is my “Craft Foam Projects Bowl Rim” tip that appeared in the “Tips” section on page 15 of the AAW February 2019 “American Woodturner” Journal.
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Lathe Accessories for a New Turner

Meta Description: Carl's suggestions for a new woodturner. Join the AAW, Take a Class, Turning Tools, Faceplates, Drill Chuck, 4 Jaw Chuck, and Turning Smocks.

Photo: Lathe Accessories for a New Turner 1

Here is some advice I wrote for a new turner who has just purchased a Powermatic 3520C lathe. He was looking for advice on chucks, faceplates and a drill chuck. A threw in a little extra stuff.

Join the American Association of Turners (AAW)

Photo: Lathe Accessories for a New Turner 2You should join the AAW for there Journal magazine ASAP. The great mag easily pays for membership. It has lots of GOOD stuff for beginners and experience people. Go here:  https://www.woodturner.org/page/MemberBenefits

You should also check out the AAW’s Woodturning Fundamental magazine and other stuff for new people. Go here:  https://www.woodturner.org/page/FUNdamentals
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New Ring Tool

Meta Description: Photos of Cedar Vases made by Carl with his new Sorby Ring Tool. Turned out of green Cedar logs. What you see is what came off the tool. NO sanding.

Photo: New Ring Tool 1

Here are some Cedar Vases I made with my new Sorby Ring Tool. The vases are roughly 6″ diameter by 5″ to 6-1/2″ tall. I turned these out of green Cedar logs. What you see is what came off the tool. NO sanding, 1 coat of poly when they were still wet, no finial finish yet.

Note: I cut the inside with Ring Tool.  I cut the outside with 1/2″ Bowl Gouge.
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