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Carl’s Grinder Stand

Meta Description: Carl likes having the center of his grinder wheel 46" off the floor on a stand that he can easily move around his studio.

Note: This is actually part of an old blog entry that I split out of my January 13th, 2013 “Low Cost Industrial Bench Grinder” blog append while fixing up the photos on my blog.

Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 1
Photo: Carl’s Grinder Stand 2

I mounted my new grinder on a new grinder stand.  It’s my 2nd generation stand.  My 1st generation stand was good. This one is even better.   A friend was over last week and, he really liked the height of my grinder.  Center of grinder wheel is 46″ off the floor.
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Pistol Style Airbrush

Meta Description: Carl recommends a Pistol Style Airbrush for people who have trouble with a trigger on top style airbrush.

Photo: Pistol  Style Airbrush 1

Pistol Gun Style Airbrush. Some people have a lot of trouble with the trigger on top style of air brush. This pistol gun style trigger airbrush is more money than the $20 Harbor Freight airbrush that I like. But is a better choice for someo people.
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Woodworker II Table Saw Blade

Meta Description: Carl recommends a "Forrest Woodworker II" saw blade. It goes thru 2" or 3" thick maple like a hot knife thru butter. It makes cutting up plate and shallow bowl blanks a real joy.

Photo: Woodworker II Table Saw Blade 1

When I am not turning green wood from raw logs; I turn mostly kiln dried Maple or Cherry wood. I purchase 10′ to 12′ long x 2″ x 11″ rough stock.

If you cut up a lot of dry Maple or Cherry wood on your table saw then you should get a “Forrest Woodworker II” saw blade. I have one and I love it. It goes thru 2″ or 3″ thick maple like a hot knife thru butter. No burn marks, etc. This blade really lives up to all the positive press.
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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Meta Description: Carl shows an affordable metal cutting bandsaw alternative. A "Portband Table" from "Swag Offroad" with a Milwaukee Portaband saw works good.

Photo: Metal Cutting Bandsaw 1
For many years I dreamed of owning a metal cutting bandsaw. I just could not justify the cost. They cost a lot more than wood cutting bandsaws.

Then one day I came across this “Portaband Table” made by “Swag Offroad”. It allows you to mount a portable bandsaw in a table.

I purchased one several years ago and I love it. I thought it would be a luxury item. It is. But, I actually use it a lot, to make my own tools, etc.
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Small Wood Bandsaw

Meta Description: Carl recommends a "WEN 3939T 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw" for small things. When you don't want to cut off your fingers on your big bandsaw with a 3 TPI blade.

Photo: Small Wood Bandsaw 1
Some people have noticed and asked about the new small wood cutting bandsaw in my studio.

It is a “WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw”. It was $208 when I purchased it on 1/24/2020. I see it is now $179 on Amazon on 5/10/2020. Err…
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CBN Grinder Wheels

Meta Description: Carl recommends CBN wheels for newbies. They really simplify things because the size of the wheel never changes. What grit? Get a wide wheel?

CBN Wheels

I went over to the dark side a couple of years ago when the price of good CBN grinding wheels dropped down near $100.

I recently decided I should start recommending the purchase of CBN wheels for newbies. You never need to “dress” a CBN grinding wheel thus the size of the wheel never changes. This really simplifies things for newbies. Once they get their grinder and sharpening jigs set up they never need to adjust things.
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