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Martel 4 Way Caliper

I have noticed that premiergauges.com has been advertising a lot lately. I am not impressed with their products. They are to expensive and the calipers are only single ended (rather than double ended).

If I was going to pay big bucks for a caliper than I would get a “Andre Martel Medium Caliper” from Woodworkers Emporium in Las Vegas. I have one. It was expensive and worth every penny.

The UNIQUE shape of the Martel calipers makes them REALLY useful for measuring the dept of things (plates, bowls and hollow forms) while they are STILL IN THE CHUCK. i.e. I don’t want to go thru the bottom. How much wood do I have left to play with? See pictures below.

The Marten calipers are DESIGNED to work while things are still in a chuck. See photos below. The calibers fit between the jaws on a 4 jaw scroll chuck.
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