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Best Drive Center

Meta Description: The “Nova Jumbo Spur Center” use to be the best 2 or 4 prong drive center in Carl's not so humble opinion. However, he now likes the “Oneway Big Bite Spur” better.

Photo: Best Drive Center 1
Updated: 5/8/2020: I just discovered that this center is now be manufactured by Nova. It is called the “Nova Jumbo Spur Center”. You can get it from www.packardwoodworks.com it is $90 on 5/8/2020. However, I now like the “Oneway Big Bite Spur” center better than this center. See my Oneway Big Bite Spur Center blog entry.
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Collet Chucks

Meta Description: Carl finds collet chucks convenient for holding small work. It is very easy to mount a chunk of dowel as a turning blank. Carl reviews 2 poplar brands of collet chucks.

Updated: 6/5/2020. Also check out my “Collet Chuck Revisited” blog entry and my “Shopmade Collet Chuck” blog entry.

I find collet chucks convenient for holding small work.  

Photo: Collet Chucks 1

Collets typically come in standard dowel sizes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, or 3/4″.   So it is very easy to mount a chunk of dowel as a turning blank.  Or you can mount a turning blank between centers and turn a tenon.  I like to use 3/4″ diameter tenons when possible.
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Carl’s Custom Centering Cones

Meta Description: Link to Carl's "Custom Centering Cones" AAW magazine article PDF. What they are. Why live center cones are useful. How to make your own out of UHMW.

Photo: Carl’s Custom Centering Cones 1

I could not live without my Custom Centering Cones that I have turned out of ultar-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene. I have turned lots of different shapes and use them often.  
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