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Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives

Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives Photo: pm_smock.jpg

Over the years I have owned a number of different turning smocks. Here are MY thoughts.

Sooner or latter every turner decides they need a turning smock. Because, sooner or latter nature calls and you just don’t have time to shed all the wood chips, etc. She who must be obeyed, has a no wood chips in the house policy!

In A Nutshell

I like the AAW Turning Smock best. I absolutely HATE the blue color. The dark grey one is not a whole lot better. But, I have found the lightweight, short sleeve and roomy design works best. It is easy to get on and off. It easily sheds wood chips. Continue reading Turning Smocks & Low Cost Alternatives

Hand Exercisers for Mere Mortals

A few years ago I realized I needed to improve my hand strength if I wanted to be a better turner. Thus, I purchased a set of “Zon Resistance Strength Hand Grips” from Amazon for $7. I use them in the morning while I am riding my exercise bike. They give my hands a good work out. I like em. They have improved my turning.

When I was a kid my uncle had a set of these that you needed to be Superman to use. They were made for weight lifting, etc. The Zon ones I have are good for mere mortals. The resistance is enough, but not to much.

Retired from IBM


Today 8/31/2016 was my last day at IBM.  I started on 6/13/1983.

I voluntarily retired after 33 years, 2 months and 19 days.  Approximately 8347 working days (no weekends or public holidays).

I am looking forward to my 2nd career as a full time Studio Woodturner.


My New Woodturning Blog

I decided to start my own new woodturning blog. Why?

  • Because my Wednesday Night Woodturning group says I have good ideas that I should share with others.
  • Because I often find new tools, etc that work well for me and that I would like to share with others.
  • Because I am often to lazy to write up all my little ideas for Club Newsletters and Magazines. I just want to jot down a few sentences.

This blog will cover the following:

  • New Tools. Mostly woodturning tools.
  • Ideas for new woodturning projects. Mostly what we are doing on Wednesday Nights.
  • Announcements for any classes I teach.
  • Announcements for any demos I do.
  • Announcement for any new handouts I add to my web site.

Continue reading My New Woodturning Blog