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Covid-19 Hollow Forms

I decided to self quarantine myself for 2 weeks after I returned from a rafting trip to Costa Rica on March 17th. Then Governor Cuomo added a few more weeks.

I decided to turn one hollow form a day to keep the doctor away. See photos. 21 hollow forms in roughly 3 weeks.

I turned all of these hollow forms using my new Done In One Day method. See my “Done In One Day” blog entry. http://carlford.info/blog/2020/02/done-in-one-day-vases/ and my “Sanding Wet Wood” blog entry. http://carlford.info/blog/2020/03/sanding-wet-wood/

Updated: 10/12/2020. Many of the above hollow forms are now for sale in my CarlFordWoodturner Etsy Shop. I am adding them one by one each day to my Etsy Shop.

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Carl Ford’s Etsy Shop Grand Opening

I just opened my new “CarlFordWoodturner” shop on etsy! Please shop early and often!


My high quality pieces are priced to sell! You win because I have a lot of pieces that I want to sell!

I am going to add more stuff over the next couple of days. Then I hope to add 2 new pieces per week.

There are also never seen before pictures of my stuff.

1st Hollow Form on New Powermatic 3520C Lathe

1st Hollow Form on New Powermatic 3520C Lathe Photo: 1st Hollow Form on New Powermatic 3520C

The second thing I turned on my new Powermatic 3520C Lathe was a nice cherry hollow form.

I put a high gloss finish on this piece. Gloss sells. But, it made getting a good photo a real pain. To many reflections.

7-1/2" diameter. 7-3/4" tall. Cherry wood.

The blank was a little out of balance. But, it did NOT give me any trouble. My new Powermatic 3520C lathe, handled it, no problem. Continue reading 1st Hollow Form on New Powermatic 3520C Lathe