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Munro Hollower Demo

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

The Munro Hollower2 is a great tool for making vases and hollow forms.

This demo shows how I hollow a bowl and vase with the Munro Hollower 2. I cover lots of tips and tricks that will allow you to hit the ground running and quickly learn to love the Munro Hollower 2.

I start by hollowing a bowl with a deeply under cut rim. This allows me to show how the hollower cuts on the outside of a bowl where you can see it. Then I go inside the bowl and under cut the rim with the hollower. If time permits, I then hollow the inside of a big mouth vase.

Updated 9/4/2020: I will still do this demo however for your club or symposium. However, I personally have moved on beyond the Munro Hollower.

I now do most of my hollowing with a Trent Bosch “3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer” with a Bosch “3/4″ Carbide Straight Hollowing Tool” and a “Trent Bosch Visualizer” TV rig. I really love my Munro Hollower. However, the Bosch hollowing tool at $90 is a LOT CHEAPER than a Munro Hollower2 at $370. Thus, the Bosch hollowing tool is a better option for most people.

I also have a newer “Carl’s TV Hollowing Rig” blog entry. Click here for that blog entry.

Owl Plaque Demo or Class

Click here for the PDF demo handout.

In this easy one day workshop students will turn a cute Owl Plaque just in time for Christmas.

Simple tools and techniques will be used to create a very satisfying project. Each student should complete 1 or more Owl’s out of Western Red Cedar or Oak. The finished Owl will be around 7″ across with a 4″ diameter body.

Please contact me if you would like me to do this demo for your club or symposium.