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CBN Grinder Wheels

CBN Wheels

I went over to the dark side a couple of years ago when the price of good CBN grinding wheels dropped down near $100.

I recently decided I should start recommending the purchase of CBN wheels for newbies. You never need to “dress” a CBN grinding wheel thus the size of the wheel never changes. This really simplifies things for newbies. Once they get their grinder and sharpening jigs set up they never need to adjust things.

There are lots of articles on the web with more reasons why you should use CBN wheels. No wobble, no heat, etc. I am not going to rehash that here.

CBN Wheels (Not Diamond)

CBN = Cubic Boron Nitrite.

CBN and Diamond wheels are NOT the same thing! Get a CBN wheel. Not a diamond wheel. CBN wheels are good for sharpening HSS (High Speed Steel) turning tools. You can also use them on old carbon steel tools.

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