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Oneway Jaw Jigs

Meta Description: Carl's Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Photo: Oneway Jaw Jigs (oneway_saw_jigs_00)

Carl’s Tenon Size and Hole Size jigs for the Oneway Stronghold Chuck with #2 or #3 profiled jaws.

Over the years I have seen and used a lot of different jigs for Tenon Size and Hole Size needed to match #2 or #3 profiled jaws on a Oneway Stronghold chuck. Here is what I am currently using. Two very simple and easy to make jigs.

Remember that chucks hold best when the jaws are almost all the way closed. Continue reading Oneway Jaw Jigs

Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup

Meta Description: Carl recommends the Wolverine Grinder Jig. It is the de facto standard! Here is how Carl recommends setting up your Wolverine.

Photo: Wolverine Grinder Jig Setup 1If want to sharpen your tools at home, the same way you learned in a class, then you need to have the same grinder setup at home.

If you want to match the setup in my Studio, then here is what I recommend.

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Gouge Sharpening Templates

Meta Description: Link to Carl's PDF handout for his "Sharpening Templates". For Ellsworth, Stirt, Jordan, and Hosaluk gouge grinds. Use with Wolverine and Ellsworth jigs.
Photo: Gouge Sharpening Templates 1
I like to create sharpening templates for my woodturing gouges. The templates allow me to quickly and easily set up my grinder. I get a consistent grind every time.

Click here for PDF file of Tool Sharpening Templates.
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Carl’s Custom Centering Cones

Meta Description: Link to Carl's "Custom Centering Cones" AAW magazine article PDF. What they are. Why live center cones are useful. How to make your own out of UHMW.

Photo: Carl’s Custom Centering Cones 1

I could not live without my Custom Centering Cones that I have turned out of ultar-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene. I have turned lots of different shapes and use them often.  
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