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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

For many years I dreamed of owning a metal cutting bandsaw. I just could not justify the cost. They cost a lot more than wood cutting bandsaws.

Then one day I came across this “Portaband Table” made by “Swag Offroad”. It allows you to mount a portable bandsaw in a table.

I purchased one several years ago and I love it. I thought it would be a luxury item. It is. But, I actually use it a lot, to make my own tools, etc.

On 5/9/2020 the Swag table is $125. The Milwaukee 6232-20 Portaband is $280. Total is $405. I payed less for mine a few years back.

I love being able to cut out all kinds of shapes with this saw in metal, like I can in wood. I have cut teeth into things, etc. It cuts 1/4″ thick steel. No problem. I have even cut up to 1″ thick steel bar that is 1-1/2″ wide. I also use it to cut blanks for my metal lathe.

The only very minor problem, I have found is that the saw climb cuts a little at the start of every cut. i.e. the saw flexes backward a little at the start of every cut. I have gotten use to it. It really does not create any problems.

Oh, and one more thing. When the saw is mounted in the table. The motor is at just the right height to make a loud annoying sound. Thus, I always wear a set of power tool noise reduction ear muffs.

Note: There are lots of good “Swag Portaband” reviews on YouTube.
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Small Wood Bandsaw

Some people have noticed and asked about the new small wood cutting bandsaw in my studio.

It is a “WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw”. It was $208 when I purchased it on 1/24/2020. I see it is now $179 on Amazon on 5/10/2020. Err…

Beware! WEN makes two different 9″ bandsaw that look almost identical. I decided to go with the WEN model 3939T because the blade guides are roller bearings rather than metal blocks. It is also a little more powerful than the WEN model 3959.

I am very happy with this little bandsaw. I got it 4 months ago. I use it to cut up small things. Thin plywood, etc.

I can cut 2″ thick hard maple with it. It is a little slow, but acceptable. It still cuts straight in 2″ hard maple. HOWEVER, I am pushing things. The saw is not going to take a lot of this abuse before failing. 1″ thick or less is the way to go.
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