C-Line Sheet Protectors

I found a C-Line Sheet Protector at a local craft store that I really like.

It works good for protecting my reference papers while turning. The Neon Orange color makes it easy to find. It is made of tough clear plastic with a nice gromet that allows me to hang it up.

They are made by C-Line.com. Style #43912 Workshop Ticket Holder.

You can get them on Amazon. Around $4 each. Or 25 for $26. Search for C-Line 43912


Cline_Sheet_01 Cline_Sheet_02

Craft in America on Create TV

I have been watching  “Craft In America” TV series on PBS.

I really liked the “Forge” episode.   The Silversmith and Metal Sculpture were interesting.


I also liked the Potters on the “Crossroads” episode.


Often things done by potters are easy to translate into Woodturning.

Currently they are rerunning the Craft in America series on WLIW21 Create TV channel in New York area.


I often find something of value in each episode.  But, no episode is a complete winner.

Turning Bottle Stoppers

Turning Bottle Stoppers is a great way to improve your turning skills. It is also a great way to use up little scraps of wood or experiment with exotic woods.

I turn bottle stoppers so I have some low end items to sell. I want to draw people in to look at my higher priced items.

Click Here to view the quick and easy process I use to turn Bottle Stoppers.