Morse Taper Drills on Ebay

Ebay is a good place to purchase large Morse Taper drills cheap.


I like to use Morse Taper drills in the tailstock of my lathe to drill holes.

I recently purchased a 1-1/8″ #3 Morse Taper drill on ebay that I now use when turning hollow forms. I drill a 1/1-8″ center hole and it works great. Because the Roll Munro “Hollower2” fits inside the hole.

In the last few weeks there have been some nice assortments of Morse Taper Drills on Ebay Look for “Morse Taper Assorted Drills”. There seems to be lots of interest in big sets. So bidding on a small set is probably best.

Your changes of getting something by bidding directly on Ebay are low. You need to use to bid in the last 5 seconds.

Most modern lathes are #2 Morse Taper in Tailstock. Only Oneway and VB36 (any others?) are #3. So most people should look for #1 or #2 Morse Taper drills. You can use a #1 to #2 adapter on #1 drills.

Putting a big drill in a #3 to #1 Morse Taper Adapter is not a great idea! So if your lathe is not #3 then forget about the #3 drills. Note: A #2 to #3 adapter is ok. Small to large is always ok. Just DO NOT go large to small.

Most Morse Taper drills over 5/8″ are #3. But you can find some old drills that are #2. So looking at the old stuff on Ebay is a good pace to find them.

I use my Morse Taper drills to drill holes in wood. So I don’t care about the drill quality or manfacturer. Any old drill will do. Most of the drills on Ebay are old and thus made by good US or German manfactures.

If the price is right I don’t care if a set on Ebay has some #4 drills, etc that I can’t use.

You can geta good price on #1 to #2 Morse Taper Adapters on Ebay or from Victor Machinery

Big Gulp Dust Hood

Someone asked about the Dust Collector in the photo behind my 3520B lathe.

I like the “Big Gulp Dust Hood” from PSI (Penn State Industries) on Amazon, Rockler, etc. I have tried others and I have made my own. I like the Big Gulp because it catches lots of dust and it can be rigged up to hang nicely.

If you live in the Poughkeepsie NY area the best place to get your dust fittings is from Jim at Warren Cutlery in Rhinebeck. Jim tried to keep them in stock.

Hanging the Big Gulp

I hang the Big Gulp from an overhead pipe with a piece of gas welding rod. Hanging the dust hook allows me to quickly and easily move it out of the way or into position. See photos


Click on any photo to take you to my new photo gallery. Each photo has a caption with more info.

big_gulp_hood_01.jpg big_gulp_hood_02.jpg
big_gulp_hood_06.jpg big_gulp_hood_11.jpg
big_gulp_hood_13.jpg big_gulp_hood_18.jpg

No Grill

I don’t have any grill, wire mesh, etc. in front of the Big Gulp. Real men don’t need grills! They just get clogged up with wood shavings. I have found that paper towels, sanding paper, etc just shoot thru the dust collector. No big deal.

Gas Welding Rod

Gas welding rod has gone out of fashion. Everyone, Arc, MIG, or TEG welds these days. You can still get gas welding rod from Mcmaster item #7972A181 (1/8″ RG 45 Steel – Copper Coated). I can’t live with out. I use it for all kinds of things around the shop. But, you could make due with any old piece of 1/8″ steel or aluminum rod from local hardware store.