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Stikit Sandpaper

porter_cable_220_stikitI use Porter Cable Stikit Sandpaper for all of my hand sanding.

Note: I use Blue Flex disks for all of my power sanding.  See my Blue Flex Sanding Disks blog entry.

• I have 80, 120, 150, 180, and 220 grits.

I generally do not sand beyond 220 grit. If I do sand beyond 220 then I use 6″ Abralon pads by Mirka.

For more info see my “Great Polyurethane Finishes” handout at

• I get it from Amazon. 4-1/2” x 10 yard roll.  Around $18 on 11/18/2014.

Note: Some times Amazon shows “Stikit” in description and some times they don’t.   I think the problem is “Stikit” is trademarked by 3M.  Search for “Porter Cable sand paper roll”

• There are other sandpapers that are virtually the same. 3M Stikit? Klingspor?

They use to sell the Porter Cable Stikit sandpaper in local hardware stores.  I like it.  And I am to lazy to find something else I really like.

Norton 3X Sandpaper
• Updated 12/8/24: I like the Norton 3X Sandpaper.

While attending a Learn & Turn last weekend I tried out some Norton 3X Sandpaper. I liked it. You can get this at Home Depot, etc so some day I may switch to this paper.

It comes in 9″ x 11″ sheets. I like the way a friend cuts it into 4 equal parts (4 of 4.5″ x 5″) and then folds the 5″ length into 3 parts so you end up with a 4.5″ x 1-5/8″ chuck of paper with 3 sides. 2 exposed sides and one inside.

Blue Flex Sanding Disks

Updated: 9/30/2019. Change bars in Blue on left. 

Recently someone asked me for advice on sanding disks. That is easy!

I like the “Blue Flex” sanding disk sold by Vince’s Wooden Wonders.

I have been using these for the last 4-5 years and I am very happy.

Note: Recently Craft Supplies USA started selling some “Deerfos” blue sanding disks. I don’t think they are the same. They are made by a different manufacturer. I found something I like and it’s not broke, thus, I am sticking with Vince.

• Blue Flex Disks

I use 2-3/8” disks and 3-3/8” disks Blue Flex Disks.  80, 120, 180, and 220 grits. Around $8 for 50 disks on 11/18/2014.

Note: I have eliminated 150 grit sandpaper from my world. I use to sand 80, 120, 150, 180, 220 grit. Then, I decided that 150 grit was a waste of time. To close to 120 and/or 180. I no longer use 150 grit sandpaper. I now sand 80, 120, 180, 220 grit.

The velcro on Blue Flex disks is glued onto a very tough sandpaper. They work wet or dry.

Heat will build up and soften the glue if you sand aggressively with these disks. When you try to remove the disk the velcro will get screwed up. To avoid this problem you need Innerface Pads!

• Innerface Pads

vince_innerface_padsI use 2-3/8” & 3-3/8” to Innerface Pads that match disks.

I use 1/4” thick “Firm Yellow Tapered Innerface Pads” for 80, 120, and 150 grits.

I use 3/8” thick “Soft Blue Innerface Pads” for 150, 180 and 220 grits.

1 interface pad for each grit works best! Allows quick and easy grit change without screwing up the velcro.

I also really like the 2″ & 3″ “Intermittent Velcro Pad” from “WoodTurners Wonders”

• Low Profile Back Up Pads (aka Thin Back Up Pads)

Vince changed the name from “Low Profile Back Up Pad” to “Ultra Thin Back Up Pad”.

vince_thin_backup_padI use 2” & 3” Ulta Thin Back Up Pads. The thing that you chuck up in the drill. 2” pad goes with 2-3/8” disks and interface pads. 3” goes with 3-3/8”

I like the “Ultra Thin Back Up Pads” (only sold by Vince?) better than the thicker pads. They are better are getting into the tight space between headstock and bowl.

If you are using interface pads to adjust softness of pad then you don’t need and really don’t want a thick back up pad with lots of flex.

• Angle Drill

I like to use a low profile angle drill for my sanding on the lathe. I have 2 of them.  One for 2″ disks and one for 3″ disks.

One of the $40 ones available from Amazon, Harbor Freight, etc.

I no longer recommend the angle drills from Amazon, Harbor Freight, etc because they have a bad reputation for plastic gears that melt and quickly fail.

I now recommend the angle drills from “WoodTurners Wonders” that have metal gears.

• More Info

For more info see my “Great Polyurethane Finishes” handout at

Morse Taper Drills on Ebay

Ebay is a good place to purchase large Morse Taper drills cheap.


I like to use Morse Taper drills in the tailstock of my lathe to drill holes.

I recently purchased a 1-1/8″ #3 Morse Taper drill on ebay that I now use when turning hollow forms. I drill a 1/1-8″ center hole and it works great. Because the Roll Munro “Hollower2” fits inside the hole.

In the last few weeks there have been some nice assortments of Morse Taper Drills on Ebay Look for “Morse Taper Assorted Drills”. There seems to be lots of interest in big sets. So bidding on a small set is probably best.

Your changes of getting something by bidding directly on Ebay are low. You need to use to bid in the last 5 seconds.

Most modern lathes are #2 Morse Taper in Tailstock. Only Oneway and VB36 (any others?) are #3. So most people should look for #1 or #2 Morse Taper drills. You can use a #1 to #2 adapter on #1 drills.

Putting a big drill in a #3 to #1 Morse Taper Adapter is not a great idea! So if your lathe is not #3 then forget about the #3 drills. Note: A #2 to #3 adapter is ok. Small to large is always ok. Just DO NOT go large to small.

Most Morse Taper drills over 5/8″ are #3. But you can find some old drills that are #2. So looking at the old stuff on Ebay is a good pace to find them.

I use my Morse Taper drills to drill holes in wood. So I don’t care about the drill quality or manfacturer. Any old drill will do. Most of the drills on Ebay are old and thus made by good US or German manfactures.

If the price is right I don’t care if a set on Ebay has some #4 drills, etc that I can’t use.

You can geta good price on #1 to #2 Morse Taper Adapters on Ebay or from Victor Machinery