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Guitar String Wire Burners

Here is an old trick. I don’t remember who I learned it from. If you use Acoustic Guitar Wire Burners to friction burn lines with the lathe running they work better than Piano Wire.

The Piano Wire burners sold by “KC Wire Burners” and others are a single strand of piano wire. Acoustic Guitar Wire is a single strand of wire wrapped by a second strand of wire. See close up photo of acoustic guitar wire. The wound wire creates a lot more friction. Thus you can burn a line faster and easier.

I have never seen Guitar String Wire Burners for sale. You have to make your own.
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Meta Description: Quick Tip: If you use Acoustic Guitar Wire Burners to friction burn lines with the lathe running they work better than Piano Wire. What size wire? How to make your own.

Carl’s Downdraft Paint Booth

Photo: Downdraft Paint Booth

I finally got around to making the DOWNDRAFT Paint Booth that I have been dreaming of for years. I have been using it now for a couple of weeks and I am very happy! No paint fumes end up in my studio. They all go outside.

I do most of my painting with an airbrush or spay cans. I spray mostly clear acrylic lacquer or clear polyurethane out of rattle cans. I have a spray gun that I almost never use. Continue reading Carl’s Downdraft Paint Booth

Meta Description: Carl's downdraft paint booth has eliminated most paint fumes in his studio They all go outside! Paint is sucked down onto Carl's work.

Carl’s Chainsaw Bench

Photo: Horizontal Chainsaw Bench

Here is my chainsaw bench. It is heavy and built like a tank!

I use it to saw up all of my logs before turning them. This is like the 3rd or 4th generation design. I really like it.

I like to think of it as my SAFETY bench. It has lots of features designed it to make things safer.

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Meta Description: Carl's chainsaw bench is built like a tank. For woodturners. It was designed to make things safer. Photos & plan PDF.

Carl’s Tool Rest Design

Here are some pictures and drawings of the tool rests that I prefer. They are NOT commercially available. You have to find someone to make them for you.
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Meta Description: Carl prefers, woodturning tools rests with a 1/2" wide, almost flat area on top of the tool rest. Like his VB36 tool rests. Photos and plan PDF.

Carl’s Travel Tool Set

Updated: 12/31/2019: I now use a red tool tray rather than a Tool Roll. See new section at the end of this blog entry.

I recently created a new Travel Tool Set that I can EASILY take to demos, club meetings and symposiums. I have been using it full time in my studio recently to test it out. I am real happy with it. See photo below.

The heart of the system is a new 5/8″ Quick Release Tool Handle from Jimmy Clewes. It works really good. I saw Jimmy use it on the 2018 Norway Woodturning Cruise. I was real impressed with the Quick Release mechanism that Jimmy has come up with. Just a simple 1/4 turn of the handle with your hand (no tools) locks a tool in place or releases it. You can change tools real fast. So, swapping tools does not interfere with the flow of a demo.
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Meta Description: Carl's Travel Woodturning Tool Set. A set that can be EASILY take to demos, club meetings and symposiums. Carl also recommends this set for new turners.