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Carl’s Website & Blog Merged

Merge of Carl Ford's old Website and Blog

On 9/15/2020, I merged my Woodturning Website and Blog onto the same WordPress Blog platform.

  • If you go to it now takes you to the new Home page for my Website on my blog.
  • If you go to it takes you to my most recent blog posts like it has been doing for the last 7 years.
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Meta Description: Carl merged his Woodturning Website and Blog on On 9/15/2020. They now use the same Wordpress Blog platform hosted by GoDaddy.

Blog Moved from Quick Blogcast to WordPress

I was forced by the GoDaddy people to move my blog from Quick Blogcast hosted by to WordPress hosted by

New and Old Blog address is the same.  No change.   (Preferred Address) or
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Meta Description: GoDaddy is discontinued Quick Blogcast on June 25, 2014. I moved my blog to Wordpress at This turned out to a blessing in disguise. I like Wordpress a lot better.