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Hello, my name is Carl Ford and this is my Woodturning Blog.

My woodturning stated back in 2002 as a hobby. It has now become an obsession.

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Carl Ford’s New Woodturning Blog

January 22, 2013

I decided to start my own new woodturning blog.   Why?

  • Because my Wednesday Night Woodturning group says I have good ideas that I should share with others.
  • Because I often find new tools, etc that work well for me and that I would like to share with others.
  • Because I am often to lazy to write up all my little ideas for Club Newsletters and Magazines.  I just want to jot down a few sentences.

This blog will cover the following:

  • New Tools.   Mostly woodturning tools.
  • Ideas for new woodturning projects.   Mostly what we are doing on Wednesday Nights.
  • Announcements for any classes I teach.
  • Announcements for any demos I do.
  • Announcement  for any new handouts I add to my web site.

This blog will NOT allow the following:

  • Any chit chat in any way shape or form.
  • Political or religious stuff.
  • Any negative comments.   All comments will be held and moderated by me.
    It’s my Blog if I don’t like what you have to say then it goes in the bit bucket.   Go start your own Blog if you want to say negative things!
  • Positive comments will be allowed only if they are non trivial.
  • No spam!   I have all the spam filtering stuff turned on.

Frequency of Blog Posts:

  • I plan on posting to this blog roughly once a week.  Probably on Fridays.
  • You can safely subscribe to this blog.  I will not fill up your email with a lot of crap.


This blog is accessible via 4 different web addresses.   They all point to the same “Blog” page that shows you the most recent posts by date on my blog.


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Any carlford.us or carlford.info take you to the same place. When I created my old website it was before the .us domain was available. GoDaddy offered the .info domain for free. The .com domain cost big bucks. So I went with .info and added .us latter when it became available for a reasonable price. .us points to .info. .com still costs big bucks.

I started by blog in 2013 on GoDaddy’s Quick Blogcast platform. I was forced to move to WordPress in 2014. For more info see my “Blog Moved from Quick Blogcast to WordPress” blog entry.