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Meta Description: Carl started his own woodturning blog in 2013. Why? 1. Carl has good ideas that he would like to share with others. 2. Carl often finds new tools, etc that work well and he would like to share with others. ...

Carl Ford's BlogI decided to start my own new woodturning blog in 2013.

Note: On 9/15/2020, I merged my Woodturning Website and Blog onto the same Blog platform. Click here for more merge information.


  • Because my Wednesday Night Woodturning group says I have good ideas that I should share with others.
  • Because I often find new tools, etc that work well for me and that I would like to share with others.
  • Because I am often to lazy to write up all my little ideas for Club Newsletters and Magazines.  I just want to jot down a few sentences.

This blog will cover the following:

  • New Tools.   Mostly woodturning tools.
  • Ideas for new woodturning projects.   Mostly what we are doing on Wednesday Nights.
  • Announcements for any classes I teach.
  • Announcements for any demos I do.
  • Announcement  for any new handouts I add to my web site.

This blog will NOT allow the following:

  • Any chit chat in any way shape or form.
  • Political or religious stuff.
  • Any negative comments.   All comments will be held and moderated by me.
    It’s my Blog if I don’t like what you have to say then it goes in the bit bucket.   Go start your own Blog if you want to say negative things!
  • Positive comments will be allowed only if they are non trivial.
  • No spam!   I have all the spam filtering stuff turned on.

Frequency of Blog Posts:

  • I plan on posting to this blog roughly once a week.  Probably on Fridays.
  • You can safely subscribe to this blog.  I will not fill up your email with a lot of crap.

Web Address

This blog is accessible via 6 different web addresses.   They all point to the same “Blog” page that shows you the most recent posts by date on my blog.

On 9/15/2020, I merged my Woodturning Website and Blog onto the same Blog platform. The following addresses now take you to the “Home” page for my Website. Which is now the “Home” page on my blog.

You can add /home to any of the above or add blog/home. It will still take you to the same place. The “Home” page for my Website.


  • Any or take you to the same place. When I created my old website it was before the .us domain was available. GoDaddy offered the .info domain for free. The .com domain cost big bucks. So I went with .info and added .us latter when it became available for a reasonable price. .us points to .info. .com still costs big bucks.
  • I started my blog in 2013 on GoDaddy’s Quick Blogcast platform. I was forced to move to WordPress in 2014 when GoDaddy discountinued it’s Quick Blogcast product. In retrospect that was a god send. WordPress is like 10 times better than GoDaddy’s old Quick Blogcast. For more info see my “Blog Moved from Quick Blogcast to WordPress” blog entry.

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