Carl Ford Woodturner on Facebook

(Last modification: January 17, 2021)

I am “Carl Ford Woodturner” on Facebook. (

Facebook is for friends and family. Instagram is for artists!

I like Instagram! am not a big fan of Facebook. I like Instagram. I post things daily on Instagram and mirror them to Facebook once a week or so.

I DO NOT monitor Facebook. I ONLY monitor Instagram. All my Facebook stuff is PUBLIC and READ ONLY! I will not accept any friend requests.

Please check out my new “CarlFordWoodturner” account on Instagram and follow it!

No Phone – No Problem!

No smart phone. No Instagram account. No problem click here for more info.

Note: I completely gave up on Facebook for a while. Then I changed my mind. I started using Bluestacks to post things on Instagram. Bluestacks allows me to mirror my posts to Facebook.


Life's Too Short To Use Crappy Tools!