Blue & Purple Masking Tape

I recently started using the new Purple masking tape. I like it. It works good on top of a layer of sealer. You can easily remove it with no residue left behind.

The tape is made by 3M Scotch “Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape #2080”. Look for the 2080 number!

Blue Painters Tape

I was using 3M “Edge Lock Self-Release” blue painters tape that was recommended by Nick Agar. I think it has now been replaced by 3M Scotch Blue “#2093 Sharp Lines” tape.

I am not really sure which tape I like better. Blue or Purple. I am sort of leaning towards the purple. Prices vary all over the place from time to time and store to store. Thus it is hard to say which is more expensive.

Click on photo for a nice table that summarizes Scotch brand painters tapes.

Cheap Masking Tape

I still use cheap masking tape for low end applications.

For cheap tape, I like the “Blick Masking Tape” from I would not go out of my way to get this tape. When I order something else from Blick, I get some. Beware, this tape really feels cheap. It is a little thinner than run of the mill masking tape from big box stores. But it still works ok.

The Almost Finished Piece

Meta Description: Carl recently started using the new 3M Scotch "Delicate Surface Painter's Tape #2080" Purple masking tape. He likes it. It works good on top of a layer of sealer.