Covid-19 Hollow Forms

I decided to self quarantine myself for 2 weeks after I returned from a rafting trip to Costa Rica on March 17th. Then Governor Cuomo added a few more weeks.

I decided to turn one hollow form a day to keep the doctor away. See photos. 21 hollow forms in roughly 3 weeks.

I turned all of these hollow forms using my new Done In One Day method. See my “Done In One Day” blog entry. and my “Sanding Wet Wood” blog entry.

40 Hollow Forms in 40 Days


The saga continues. Governor Cuomo extended the Covid-19 shutdown.

I decided to keep turning one hollow form a day to keep the doctor away. I have now turned 40 hollow forms in roughly 40 days. And, it rained on most of those days. What did Noah do during his 40 days of rain?

Actually I turned two hollow forms on some days and took some days off to work in my garden.

I decided to play around with some different rims, different shapes and different finishes. I also turned some mother daughter pairs out of the same log on the same day with the same finish. See first photo below.

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