Covid-19 Hollow Forms

Meta Description: Photos of the 60 hollow forms that Carl turned in the first 3 months of the Covid-19 lock down. Carl turned one hollow form a day to keep the Covid-19 doctor away.

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 1
I decided to self quarantine myself for 2 weeks after I returned from a rafting trip to Costa Rica on March 17th. Then Governor Cuomo added a few more weeks.

I decided to turn one hollow form a day to keep the doctor away. See photos. 21 hollow forms in roughly 3 weeks.

I turned all of these hollow forms using my new Done In One Day method. See my “Done In One Day” blog entry. and my “Sanding Wet Wood” blog entry.

Updated: 10/12/2020. Many of the above hollow forms are now for sale in my CarlFordWoodturner Etsy Shop. I am adding them one by one each day to my Etsy Shop.

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 2

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 3

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 4

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 5

40 Hollow Forms in 40 Days

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 6

The saga continues. Governor Cuomo extended the Covid-19 shutdown.

I decided to keep turning one hollow form a day to keep the doctor away. I have now turned 40 hollow forms in roughly 40 days. And, it rained on most of those days. What did Noah do during his 40 days of rain?

Actually I turned two hollow forms on some days and took some days off to work in my garden.

I decided to play around with some different rims, different shapes and different finishes. I also turned some mother daughter pairs out of the same log on the same day with the same finish. See first photo below.

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 7

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 8

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 9

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 10

60 Hollow Forms in 3 Months

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 11

20 more hollow forms. I have now turned 60 hollow forms in the last 3 months. During the Covid-19 shutdown. So far so good. They have kept the doctor away.

During the last month I turned 2 hollow forms per day when it rained. Otherwise, I mostly worked in my garden, went for a walk or relaxed.

I have continued to play around with different surface decorations. I also decided I should turn some natural wood hollow forms with colorful rims.

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 12

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 13

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 14

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 15

2 Failures

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 16

People love to see my failures! Here are 2 that go away. I am pretty happy with only 2 failures out of 60.

I put my finger thru the one on the left after I made it to thin. I was fooling around with a new hollowing tool. I decided to use it for carving practice after I put my finger thru it.

I gave up on the one on the right. I decided, I just really don’t like it. I was trying to pierce it using a new Saburr Tooth Carving Wheel in my Proxxon Mini Grinder. It did not work out. I made the piece to thick.

Time For Something Completely Different!

Photo: Covid-19 Hollow Forms 17

I ran out of FRESH maple logs. Thus no more hollow forms for now. It is time for something completely different!

I have started making Nick Agar style square wall hangings. I am using the techniques I learned in a class with Nick at Arrowmont last year. Nick’s technique. My designs!

Here are the first 2 pieces that I made in the last couple of days. I am happy with them, but they still need some improvements.

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