One of my best!  Natural Edge Bowl, Ash,  Bark On, 12"x6.5", 11/2003 Craters and the Sun $160  Off Center Square Bowl, Cherry Wood, Black Milk Paint, Power Carved Textures, 1-3/8" x 8" x 8", 2/2012, Not for Sale Here, I discovered a new way to carve big bold craters between my lines of sun shine. Wild Rim, Black Milk Paint Bowl  Cherry Wood, Black Milk Paint, Matching Power Carved Wild Rim Inside and Out, Beads Outside, Matching Coves Inside,  3.5" x 7.5",  10/2011  After the Al Stirt class I got to thinking about  the bowls I did in the class looked great on the outside but you see more of the inside then outside when they are sitting on a table. So, this is the first bowl where I pioneered two new techniques that are may  become my signature style.  1. The rim is carved inside and out.  2. The coves cut on the inside mirror the beads cut on the outside of bowl. Rings of Rain Drops $140  Square Bowl, Cherry Wood, Black Milk Paint, Power Carved Textures, 1-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 8", 1/2012 Oh no!  Yet another rainy day  in January rather  than snow.
Plaid Vase  Poplar Wood, Acrylic Paints, 3.5" x 5.25", 9/2009 I love the colors in this vase.   But, it is destine to be one of a kind.  Drawling all of the different sized boxes so they share common lines but still look random was mentally very challenging and time consuming.   Staying with in the lines while painting it challenged my painting stills. Bronze or Wood? $140  Cherry Wood, Black Milk Paint, 2 Power Carved Textures,  1.25" x 7.5" x 9.5",  12/2011 This time I experimented with just 2 textureds I really like.   The result was a piece that gives you that "Is it Bronze or Wood" feel. Vases and Rattle  Woodburst Statins, Sharpie Markers,  Golden Acrylic Paints Checkered Flat Vase  Popular, Red, Green, Yellow Checkered, 9"x2.5", 11/2007
Tiger Maple Vase  Hollow Form, Tiger Maple, 4.5"x2.75", 09/2008 Small Canary Wood Vase  Small Vase, Canary Wood, 3"x5", 12/2006, Not for Sale Gold Rim Vase  Popular, Red, Green, Yellow Checkered, 3.5"x7", 01/2007, Not for Sale Eggplant Rattle  Popular, Eggplant Decoration, 2.5"x12.5", 04/2006  Inspired by Michael Hosaluk Demo
Rainbow Vase  Tulip Vase, Popular, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Rainbow, 3.75"x6", 10/2007, Not for Sale Oblong Barky Bowl  Natural Edge Bowl, Ash with Bark,  9.5" x 6" x 2.5", 07/2009 Cedar Heaven Bowl  Natural Edge Bowl, Cedar with Bark,  10.5" x 4.5", 07/2009 group 2007 00 rattle vases3
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