Welcome to my web site!

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Welcome to my web site!

My woodturing stated back in 2002 as a hobby. It has now become an obsession.

I plan on becoming a full time studio woodturner after I retire from IBM. Until then I am a studio woodturner on weekends and weeknights.

I am very interested in doing woodturning demonstations and teaching classes.

My current obsession is Milk Paint. I also love to turn natural edge bowls, small vases and jazzing up my turnings with lots of color.

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Hollow Forms Winter 2015/2016

I will be retiring from IBM on Aug 31, 2016. After that I should have a lot more time to make blog entries, etc. I have a lot of ideas and pictures ready to go. Stay tuned.

Here are some hollow forms I turned over the winter of 2015/2016. All of the hollow forms were once turned from Cherry or Black Birch logs. I also roughed out 30 bowls and finished turned 15 bowls.